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Yellowstone Winter Adventure

Dear Adventurers, Travelers, and Photographers,

    I hope your spring has been enjoyable and photographically exciting. Knowing you and your photographic interests, I am proud to share with you a unique photographic opportunity. Master Wildlife Photographer Scott Joshua Dere will be leading a photographic workshop to Yellowstone National Park in January 2020.

     The trip offered surpasses many others, as it will give photographers the opportunity to take an exclusive Winter Yellowstone trip with a Master Photographer as the guide and instructor. This  photographic opportunity will be from January 10th -16th, 2020, with arrival at Bozeman Montana on the 10th and departure on the 16th. There will be the ability to extend your trip till January 19th at the north gate of Yellowstone in Gardiner, Montana as well. Winter in Yellowstone can be brutally cold, so The Elements of Nature has reserved a Snow Coach to travel in and around the park in comfort. The Snow Coach will give you shelter from the elements as we traverse the Caldera of the Super Volcano that makes up the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem in style. This trip is exclusive to just 8 participants in order to provide the maximum room for viewing opportunities with room for camera gear as well.

    Scott Joshua Dere, your leader, has been traveling to Yellowstone National Park for the last 10 years. During these expeditions, Scott has discovered that the photographic opportunities are abundant in the winter months as the animals are on a constant search for food. Often this leaves them out in the open exposed to the elements and in good proximity for photography. One of the best places to find animals is in the Madison River Valley where one can see Bison, Coyote, Elk, assorted Ducks and Swan and possibly the elusive Bobcat. Other animals common to this part of Yellowstone are the rare Wolf, Ermine, Pine Martin, Hare, Badger and both Bald and Golden Eagles.

    Several of Scott Dere’s published images, as well as many awards winning Photographs have been taken on the exact path we have mapped out for your adventure. Everyday lunch will be taken at the state of the Welcome Center which has lots of great food eat and activities to do besides watch one of the most predictable and famous geysers in the world, Old Faithful. This is the best safari one can take in the United States right now, guaranteeing outstanding photography of one of the most pristine wild places in the country today. Accommodations have been made on your behalf in the quaint town of West Yellowstone, Montana. This town sits at the boarder of the West Gate of Yellowstone National Park, which can only be accessed, by Snowmobile or Snow Coach during the winter season. No one can enter the park during the winter months without a certified guide.

    Your Naturalist, Guide, and Driver will be Chris Daniel, a long time friend of Scott and a resident of West Yellowstone. Chris is an excellent Fly-fishing guide during the summer, as well as a veteran Snowmobile guide in and out of the park in winter. Chris is an excellent source of knowledge, with understanding of the Park as well as a great tracker. Having guides of this magnitude allows for a better understanding of the animal’s behaviors, which in turn help anticipate their movements for better images. It also will enhance the learning experience as we explore all the nuances the park has to offer.

    Join Scott Dere and The Elements of Nature for a memorable trip that you will never forget. Enjoy the sites of America’s #1 National Park while receiving the best photographic instruction by a Master Photographer while gaining knowledge from the most experienced of guides in the Park. Not only will you have the chance to photograph Yellowstone's incredible wildlife, but also its magnificent smoldering landscapes in the process. The land is alive with erupting geysers and amazing waterfalls and this trip is sure to leave you in awe from the natural beauty of the park.

    Please contact me with any questions and for more information about the itinerary regarding this exclusive opportunity at....

Creatively Yours,

Master Cr. Photographer,

Scott J Dere


Instagram: @TheElementofNature

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